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The Alabaster Girl

Pensive and smart in every respect while maintaining a sense of being down to earth and accessible to a broad audience. There are great singers and then there are great singers who also possess a distinct, untouchable uniqueness in the tone and quality of their voice. This gal falls into the latter camp.
— Brian Carroll, Red Line Roots Top 15 Albums of 2015

Krista Baroni is an American singer-songwriter born and raised in the quiet Massachusetts suburbs, who has recently settled into her new home on the Connecticut shoreline. 

An artist with two full length, independently released albums under her belt; Krista released her sophomore album in 2015 (The Alabaster Girl), to critical praise and national recognition.

To create the Laurel Canyon singer-songwriters of the 70's inspired sound she was looking for, the songwriter turned to producer and owner of Dirt Floor Recording, Eric Lichter. 
Tucked away in the woods of Connecticut, (in a space with a 'Big Pink' or 'Shangri La' studio vibe) the kindred spirits quickly got down to business and started recording what would become the raw, vulnerable, and painfully personal ten track record.

Howling electric guitar solos and melancholy Mellotron (performed by Eric Lichter) are a few of the prominent sounds that color the album with vintage tones, while still allowing the songwriters delicate acoustic guitar, emotive vocals and poetic lyrics to take center stage. 

Victor Infante of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette  called it “the most beautiful album I've heard in a long time." And Boston blog Red Line Roots said "Warm textures, great songwriting, and a timeless quality define Baroni’s latest effort. This record just scratches the surface of how deep this songwriter’s talent runs."


A seasoned touring professional; Krista has performed extensively throughout the Northeast and Southeast U.S and concluded her first European tour in May of 2016. In the past, she has been privileged to open for many notable acts including; John Gorka; Mark Erreli; Ari Hest and Willy Mason.  

*photography by Margaret Belanger Photography

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'The Alabaster Girl'

Download HERE

all songs copyright Krista Baroni

Written and performed by Krista Baroni

Recorded at Dirt Floor

Mixed and Matched by Eric Lichter & Steve Wytas


Album Photography courtesy of Margaret Belanger Photography

Album Art created by Emily Joy Ashman